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Engagement Ring Trends 2021

Whether you are choosing your engagement ring or you are looking for inspiration for the perfect piece to match your heartfelt proposal, we shed light on the biggest engagement ring trends for 2021.
Just as wedding dress trends are drawn and derived from the fashion movements of the moment, jewelry styles come and go out of favor. This is also true when it comes to engagement ring trends. So if you want a ring that will hold its own in style stocks, take a look at our latest modification of trendy engagement ring styles.

Engagement Ring Trends 2021
With social media and celebrity influence stronger than ever, prospective brides are looking for something to make their engagement ring stand out from the crowd and propose photo-featured photo sources on Instagram.

From bold colored diamonds to micro-bands and minimalist diamond cuts, the old adage that ‘size is not everything’ certainly comes true when it comes to looking ahead to 2021 engagement ring trends.

Colorful engagement rings
Colored diamonds and precious stones are a great way to make simple and elegant styles even brighter and bolder. Whether you decide to wear them in a white, yellow or gold belt, the abundance of colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires will enable you to express your personal style and creativity with your ring of engagement.

Astoria Ring, Topaz and Blue Diamond, 1,299
Old Engagement Rings
vaza-engagement rings
Jenny Packham engagement ring with three Art Deco stones, available at Goldsmiths
Just as vintage and high quality wedding dresses are set to be a big trend in 2021, vintage engagement rings are also making waves. Choose Art Deco and ultra glamorous just like this Jenny Packham design for Goldsmiths.

Jenny Packham Art Deco style shiny three stone ring, 3,750.
Gallery Details
Jenny Packham Shiny diamond cut ring with gallery details available at Goldsmiths
Adding a secret touch of engagement rings to the gallery details is being liked and gives an elegant update to the classic ring styles. This brilliant cut diamond ring with Jenny Packham design is a stunning take on the classic diamond.

Jenny Packham diamond ring with brilliant cut of 18 carat white gold, 6000

Buy now from Goldsmiths

Unaza Halo
brilliant ring-earth-halo-diamond
Credit: brilliantearth.com
The popularity of halo rings is also growing. Their inlaid design makes the center diamond look bigger than traditional engagement rings. We can expect to see couples taking this illusion effect further in more unusual forms. You can also add a unique twist with colored gemstones or additional details to the bunch.

Diamond Luxe Sienna Halo ring in platinum, 3,215

Buy now from Earth Brilliant

Split Shank Engagement Rings
SPLIT SHANK – Halo Diamond Platinum Ring, 2 3,250 by Beaverbrooks
Platinum Diamond Halo Ring, 3,250 by Beaverbrooks
“A split engagement ring is a very special style that we are seeing growing in popularity, with a band splitting as it reaches the center stone,” explains Lorna Haddon, head of diamonds and jewelery at Beaverbrooks the Jewelers.

“The split-pin shape frames the center diamond beautifully, and since it’s Beyonce’s engagement ring style, you would be in good company.”

Halo Diamond Platinum Ring, 3,250

Buy now from Beaverbrooks

Diamonds Laboratories
Laboratory-diamond-pure origin-ring-of-engagements-trends
Credit: cleanorigin.com
Environmentally conscious couples are now choosing the most durable alternative of lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings. They have minimal impact on land as they do not require mining. We look forward to seeing much more available in jewelry in 2021.

Buy lab-grown diamonds at Clean Origin

Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings
Symphonic ring, taylorandhart.com
Sure, every future bride has star qualities, but celebrities know how to go that extra mile when it comes to glamor and glam. For a worthy red carpet proposal, get inspiration from group A List and their exquisite taste in diamonds with an engagement ring inspired by celebrities.

Symphonic ring, a round diamond center and pavé diamond band split in platinum, inspired by Beyoncé Knowles engagement ring, 80 1,680.

Buy now from Talyor & Hart

Engagement rings cut into marquees
Makruise cut diamond ring in platinum
For those brave brides who will want that engagement ring

Minimalist Engagement Rings
The trend of minimalist rings is back and this is not expected to go soon. Jewelers have been able to provide a ‘less view more’ by successfully pairing striking stones with delicate bands. This is perfect for those who do not have much jewelry or do not want to make a statement.

Rings with three stones
trend-rings-three-stone engagement
Three stone ring, beaverbrooks.com
A diamond diamond is considered to be the archetypal engagement ring. However, when Meghan Markle upgraded her gold and diamond set to a three-stone engagement ring last year, a new trend took off. Most often a thin band with a large diamond or gem supported by two smaller stones, the three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple. Add a unique color twist and diamond cut.

Three emerald stone ring and 18ct white gold diamond, 4,250

BUY NOW by Beaverbrooks

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
SOLITAIRE – Platinum Diamond Diamond Ring, 3,750 50 by Beaverbrooks
Ring Platinum Diamond Solitaire, 3, 3,750 by Beaverbrooks
“They do not call it classic for anything! A traditional solitaire ring is the ultimate in sophistication and timeless style,” says Laura Haddon of Beaverbrooks. … brings a modern twist. “

Platinum Diamond diamond ring, 3,750

BUY NOW by Beaverbrooks

Stackable Engagement Rings
ring-of-wedding-ring-stacked rings
Top to bottom: Vogue, Grandessa, Muse from 77diamonds.com
Jewelry collecting is not a new concept, however, more and more future brides are incorporating this trend into their bridal sets. This means you can now wear engagement, wedding and eternity rings all together. ‘Because anyone who said less is more clearly not talking about diamonds. Jewelers are now selling intertwined patterns to support this trend as well.

Make pile rings at 77 Diamonds

Yellow gold ring
yellow-gold engagement ring
18 carat gold diamond halo ring, kastorro.co.uk
While platinum and white gold bands have topped the popularity charts when it comes to engagement rings in recent years, yellow gold rings are making a comeback. Gold bands compliment both colored diamonds and precious stones and add a sense of vintage if paired with a traditional gold wedding band.

Halo Ring with 18ct Gold Diamond, 7 2,750

BUY NOW by Beaverbrooks

Rose Gold engagement ring
Ring of Dawn, taylorandhart.com
Whether you opt for a diamond, diamond pavilion or pear-shaped stone, a rose gold bun offers a romantic take on a classic engagement ring. A bolder statement than white gold or platinum, golden pink flatters all skin tones.

Emerald cut center and tail paw set in 18 carat gold,, 1,290

BUY NOW by Taylor & Hart

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