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Is Fujifilm About to Shock the Photography Industry Again?

A few years ago, Fujifilm sent shockwaves through the industry by releasing a medium format mirrorless camera with modern features and capabilities that was priced tens of thousands of dollars below other medium format offerings, followed by two more models that pushed the boundaries of price and capabilities all the more. And now, the company seems set to do it again.

When the GFX 50S was first released,, it was priced at $6,500,, bringing modern medium format capabilities in line with the upper echelon of full frame prices. Later, the GFX 50R brought the prices even lower, while the GFX 100 brought a whopping 102-megapixel medium format sensor at a price under $10,000. Now, it seems the company is getting ready to make waves again. Photo Rumors is reporting that the company is preparing to announce a GFX 100S, which would feature a 102-megapixel 43.8 x 32.9mm medium format BSI CMOS sensor (likely the same one in the GFX 100), would come in a smaller body, and feature in-body image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. What’s really crazy, though, is that the rumored price is $5,999, even less than the GFX 50S was when it was announced. It looks like 2021 is starting with a bang for gear fans! 

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